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If you knew which deals were dying, would you step in?
Backdrop watches proposals and quotes and alerts you when heating up, cooling down and those that haven't even been seen.

And, it doesn't matter if you use a CRM or not.
Try it for 14 days and see what your sales team has been missing
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Your Best Days Start with Backdrop
First, act on Unseen Proposals
37% of proposals go unseen in the first business week but how are you adjusting your followup? Act first on unseen proposals and qualify the deal legitimacy
Then, followup Recent Activity
Followup deals that are showing recent views after periods of inactivity. When customers re-engage, its time to followup the interest and win them back
Finally, let nothing slip through the cracks
Keep it all together with daily alerts
Sales people : Its time to cheat at B2B
Use Backdrop to keep every deal moving, identify weakening deals and act on momentum changes. All without changes to your existing quote and proposal process or replacing your CRM.
Got Outlook?
Backdrop works with your existing systems and works right inside of Outlook
You'll be 147% Smarter than Previous Mornings
When you send a proposal, Backdrop will track who opened it, what pages were viewed, and for how long. And with our insights and recommendations, you'll know exactly what to do next.
Need a guided walkthrough?
Book a demo with a success advisor who can guide you how backdrop will benefit your organization
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