Keep track of proposals you send and when they're viewed
Enterprise-grade software for sending your quotes and proposals

Free for qualifying small businesses.
Instantly track views and shares
Know when, where, and how your documents are used and how often.
How It Works
Built into Outlook
It all starts with your quote. Add your PDF, Excel, PPT quote or proposal using our Outlook plugin
Send as Email
Your customer receives an email with a secure link to your quote specific to them.
See Engagement
Receive engagement reports and alerts as your customers view, download or even share the proposal
Backdrop is totally Free for Qualified Small Business
At Backdrop, we're champions of Innovation in small business - whether thats innovation in price, technology, market, delivery or manufacturing.

If you qualify, enjoy your Backdrop subscription entirely free - no catch.
Introducing the activity feed
See all document activity within a single real-time view, including who, when, and where documents are used.
See deep document analytics in real-time including which pages in your document or presentation are viewed, for how long and document completion percentage.
Make Documents Personal
Bring yourself into every deal.
Don't lost your personality in the deal. Keep your rapport and build on it with your personal block added to every outgoing Backdrop. Add in your contact information, awards or accolades, title and of course your picture.

Start with your Quote
It all starts with your quote. Add your PDF, Excel, PPT quote file to get your Backdrop started.
Add your Value
Add assets that explain the value you want to surround your quote with including your product line, key differentiators, technology, awards and accolades and more. Over 250 file types are supported including video
Send Securely
Send with your normal email client a polished pitch that far and away outperforms standard attachments

The average Backdrop takes 26 seconds to build
Deals presented using
Backdrop perform
19% better.
Because Backdrop does what your quote cant. Embed your personality and key differentiators into every interaction, manage supporting collateral and facilitate next steps like Booking appointments or Purchasing
Are customers missing your innovation?
Backdrop tells a story -- not just your price. Backup your unique innovation and highlight your product, technology and credibility not just what you cost.
Sending your Quote
Sending your Quote in a Backdrop
Your Pricing
What you cost, the nitty gritty.
Product Line
When your quote includes part of a product line, are the product line's
Unlikely, customers are left to research your manually - often leading them right to your competitors
Highlight your product line to setup your upsell opportunities
Company Credibility
Company credibility gets lost when just sending a quote
Nope, Customers are left to research your ratings, certifications, awards
Embed ranks, ratings and certifications into every pitch
Technology Highlight
Information that supports your unique technology
If your technology is unique, does that come through when you're sending a quote?
Product usage, factory tours, etc.
Tour of your facility? Product video ? Testimonials? None of its visible in your PDF quote
Interactive Features
Support Scheduling, Calling, Live Chat right from your Backdrop
Company and Contact Info
Make the impersonal quote personal again
Every Backdrop includes a block with your Name, Face, Title and Bio -- bridging the gap between impersonal
Quote Approval
How does your customer take the next step?
Customers left to email or call and wait for a response.
Backdrop includes embedded approval right into your quotes and proposals

Backdrop - FREE for qualified Small Businesses.
No credit card required.
Free for qualified Small Businesses
Enter your work email address and claim your small business offer to get Backdrop totally free. No credit card required.

We'll also send you our free pro-tips eBook to get you started sending Backdrops that close
It's totally free
Need a guided walkthrough?
Book a demo with a success advisor who can guide you how Backdrop will benefit your organization
Essential features
In addition, you'll also get more great features
Built-in Contact Management
Manage contacts and organization with or without a CRM. All recipients are automatically created as contacts with full history and activity support.
Document Lifecycle
Every document tells a story. Use document or contact lifecycle to see all actions for a particular document or contact with every event, cradle to grave.
World Class Support
Service and support to guide you through.
Team or Solo
Built for solo sales or teams. Anywhere you need secure file management Backdrop is there.
Anywhere, anytime, any device
Full access to the entire Backdrop featureset on mobile or desktop, anytime and anywhere.
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