Send the best materials
in every sales moment

Whether it's after the Zoom meeting or right before a trade show, there's always a right time for the right sales package.

Architect your sales process and the documents and collateral that run it into simple packages for your sales team to choose and deploy.
41% of the sales workday is not spent selling,
costing companies 38% in revenue every quarter
Gartner, 2020
Focus your revenue team on sending the right content at the right time, from spec sheets, manuals and white papers to drawings and CAD models.
No more searching for the right white paper or case study
Sales reps spend hours each day finding, attaching and pondering over the right information to find for each customers.

Eliminiate this with the best sales enablement solution built right into the tools they already love.
Easy sales process wins
Build and manage your sales materials process with a few clicks and deploy to your team instantly.

No more relying on training and institutional knowledge when its all built in.
The end of Share Drives & Excuses
Friction created for your sales team to find the right materials to send increase sales timelines and makes it more difficult to follow through with sales.

Backdrop works inside your existing software like Outlook and Gmail to bring your full sales materials
Outlook + Gmail
Equip sales to win more deals.
Backdrop is built right into the software your sales team already uses and where materials are current sent. Save hours every week spent finding documents and replace it with a structured sales process.

(image : selecting files from outlook)
Command and Control
Quickly stage sales materials into pre-built packages for your sales team to use. Structure based on Industry, Product Line or even Stage in the sales process. When ready, publish and your team is ready to deploy to customers. (video : highlighting different playbooks depending on process)
Backdrop gives us the ability to deliver the right documents and information in a format that is more appealing to both our clients and our team. We haven't seen anything like it on the market and it's poised to give us an edge over our competition.
Brandon Shimke
VP Sales, SurfaceQuest
Integrated into your workflow
Backdrop integrates into your existing sales workflow and the software you already use to save your sales people hours every week. With Outlook and GMail/GSuite plugins, files are accessible quickly and simply

(fullscreen view of outlook file upload and playbook selection)
Comfortable work anywhere with any device
Empower your sales organization with Backdrop
Save hours
Just open the Docket and begin with quick start. All you need is saved here.
Teammate is aware
Create common boards with the team and stay connected
Work with any device
Docket interface is responsive. It is possible to stay connected even by phone
Always connected
Invite others to review your mockups by sharing the link with them via any communication tool.
Clear interface
Docket is so simple. There is no need to tell them how to use it. They simply do.
Minimize meetings
Discuss feedback in context, complete tasks, updates designs in seconds.
They use Dockets for their progress
Ready to boost
your sales performance?

Reduce sales cyclesEnd revenue leakageDeliver superior experiences

All photo and video materials belong to their owners and are used for demonstration purposes only. Please do not use them in commercial projects.
All photo and video materials belong to their owners and are used for demonstration purposes only. Please do not use them in commercial projects.
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