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Instantly track views and shares
Know when, where, and how your documents are used and how often.
Send in seconds
Easily send documents by dragging and dropping, then choose a recipient. It could not be simpler
Organize your Assets by Sector or Need
Categorize your most recent files and documents for quick access - both for you and your entire team.
Organize by folder or tag to easily keep things in order. Tag by sales motion, content type, and more.
Built-in Contact Management
Categorize every recipient to easily again easily. View the full relationship history at any time for any contact or organization.
Organize contacts by organization and see all document activity, contact, or document specific.
Introducing the activity feed
See all document activity within a single real-time view, including who, when, and where documents are used.
See deep document analytics in real-time including which pages in your document or presentation are viewed, for how long and document completion percentage.
Easily recall or replace documents
Built in document protection gives you final control over how and where documents are used. Recall or replace documents to make last minute changes or erase potentially harming mistakes.
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Essential features
In addition, you'll also get more great features
Built-in Contact Management
Manage contacts and organization with or without a CRM. All recipients are automatically created as contacts with full history and activity support.
Document Lifecycle
Every document tells a story. Use document or contact lifecycle to see all actions for a particular document or contact with every event, cradle to grave.
World Class Support
Service and support to guide you through.
Team or Solo
Built for solo sales or teams. Anywhere you need secure file management backdrop is there.
Anywhere, anytime, any device
Full access to the entire backdrop featureset on mobile or desktop, anytime and anywhere.
Universal Search
Quickly search files, documents and recipiients with universal search. Get to the right document at the right time
drag, drop and protect
Ease of use doesn't have to be complicated. Drag, drop and send protected documents as simple as attaching a file in Outlook.
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